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Useful Links to AO Official Forum's

Postby Pinknpinker » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:54 pm

Hi, the links here are ALL to AO's Official Forum Community Posts only. All links will be below the descriptive text. NOTE: Most of the posts contain dead links within so it is the posts themselves that contain the information I feel can be helpful too you. This can require extra time and effort to find a current database to provide you extra information but you my find it useful to do so. :)

First here is a link all boosted grafts available in-game to date. Boosted Grafts can be reused quicker and the higher the graft the shorter the time as well. However I have heard it is better to have mid-level roots and snares Grafts and they can land better due to a lower check. This matters in PVP but im not sure about PVM. Maybe someone can post a clearer explanation of this. Anyway, useful for rooting and snaring those nasty boss's and mob's with the nano's your profession does not have. Some of these are very handy in SL for Run Speed(Playful Cub) and Swim(Sparrow) buffage as well as extra damage(Playful Cub) on any playfield.

Second up is RK Hunting areas for those sick of the dungeons or Borg teams or whatever. Good info for Froobs ofc. Soloing the Spiders at the Clondyke Mine's is a favourite of mine, the lower your level the more fun you will have!

Third up is another RK hunting Guide but they leave out the Spiders! Grrrrrr. Check out the post dates on this! People have been posting useful information for over 10 years now! Long live AO! :lol:

Fourth up is a guide for treasure hunter's or those looking for a change of pace. Psssttt, make friends with your org TS'ers and for a tip toss them a platinum ingot or two :wink: You don't have to ofc but its nice to have a go-to person to cut gems for you. Don't have to make rings but just cutting jewels increases there value in the shop. Do i have to mention to make a trader so that you can use the trader shop for even more pieces of eight for your pirate treasure?! I don't think so :lol:

Fifth up is Tips for Kiting, no pun intended, not that its much of pun as most Kiters want cold hard creds! :lol:

Well, thats all i feel comfortable posting at this time, i left out the usual How do i make credits ingame as since the server merge prices and demands have far outstripped information contained within those guides IMHO. As well, those can be found easily enough with a few google queries. If you do, only visit official AO forums.

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