Useful link's to Game Guides and Tools

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Useful link's to Game Guides and Tools

Postby Pinknpinker » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:04 pm

Hi, As many links become redundant over time due to sites closing down for a variety of reason's so I will do my best to provide links that have been around for a long long time. No promise's. 8) All descriptive text will be ABOVE the links.

First up is a favourite of mine for FROOB Information. It has some SL Information but once the player left the game he eventually let the site go. It was picked up by the AO Developers and is now currently hosted at their site which tells you how well respected this site was. It will be around for a long time.

Second site is very well known by players but Im including it here anyways. Excellent RK section for froobs and paid beginners alike. Its seems very stable and current and has social content information, such as in-game events, updated on its front page. Excellent guide's , tho some are a little out of date. They always welcome contributor's so if you find a faulty guide or one out of date you can always contact them to help make it current.

Third site is well known but the item database is not current. However the comments on the database search results can be golden and contain alot of community based information with MOST of it being accurate. It also has Nano listings based on professions, a implant planner with the ability to save and share your toon's setup if you register with the site, plus various other useful sections.

Fourth site is the new kid on the block. It is a database site that is under development. The database works and they have very wisely added a feature that can take you to auno's site so you can read the community comments for the exact same item. Its being developed by the same person who is behind the ao-universe site.

Fifth site is a guide to SL Symbs, searchable and information is current as far as I know. I find it useful

Sixth site is valuable for the information it has on Nano's and has information on which ones are store buyable, which one's can only be found by Rolling/Missions, Dyna Hunting, Questing/Rewards or can only be bought in SL Gardens. He also has taken over Clicksaver(CS) and a working version can be found there. He also charges for an upgraded version which can be very useful and I think is fairly cheap at 10 bucks. It has other functions onsite as well. The site has lots of advertising tho so be careful what you click on. Gotta pay the bills somehow I guess.

Seventh Site is the official site to get your AoRK and AoSL maps. Invaluable maps to have. Try playing the game without these for a real Diehard Oldschool AO experience!

Eighth site is a aowiki which I have used sparingly but has good flora and fauna information within and other useful imformation.

Ninth and last on this list is the AODEVS webstie which hosts very useful tools, such as Demoders Tower site which is very useful for those looking for the Tower Daily Omni CT or for TOWERWARS and your PVP fun.

Enjoy and dont forget to practice safe surfing :mrgreen:

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