alliance raid rules (voted and agreed upon august 18th 2012)

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alliance raid rules (voted and agreed upon august 18th 2012)

Postby navian » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:05 pm

General attitude

- Always Need before Greed; be nice and fair

- Be nice, no rant, no drama, no argument, no harsh comment. Keep discussions for after the raid and / or Alliance forums

- Accept the idea that everyone can make an error

- Don't spam the raid leader, use /tell only if necessary please

- Use the bot channel for raid-related chat, don't multiply chat channels unless necessary

- Be patient and do not rush or move forward without instructions please


- Don't "/ragequit"

- Read the chat !

- Don't spam chat

- Do what the RL say; discuss later (unless there is an obvious error)

- Help the RL. But there is only one RL.

Guidelines, Loot and rolls

(Preliminary note: attempts of “late GMT” raids will be done to try opining kills and rolls to more America people and Pacific people during the week.)

1) Kindness and “need before greed”
Refrain from rolling on an important item if you are far from being able to use it AND if there are other people rolling who can use this item.

2) Outside help
It is possible to ask for a moderate (in numbers) help from outside The Alliance when this looks necessary or convenient in order to start the raid or start it faster.
Outsiders joining to help the raid have the same rights and follow the same rules as all other raiders. Once invited, they are a part of the raid and don't have to drop for any reason.

3) People specifically asked to come and help
Any person who is asked to join in order to help at any point of a raid is always allowed to roll in the same conditions as the raiders who were there at the beginning of the raid: no rolling restriction.
[if we ask for help, this means we need them to get the loot]

4) People asked to switch characters
If someone is asked to switch to another character at any point of a raid, this person can also always roll for the first character: the new logged character inherits the rights of the first one.

5) Rolling for alts
Unless specified otherwise, rolling for alts is possible if bringing the alt to the loot is doable and doesn't slow the raid down significantly or poses significant issues.

6) Raid / roll locks
People must join an iPande raid before the corner of the TNH bridge to be able:
- to roll on TNH loot
- to be able to roll in the first roll on Beast loot.
If they joined after TNH bridge, they can roll on Beast loot in roll 2 and following rolls only.
[Basically, this means they can most often still roll for some good loot but not for BoC.]

For other raids, in general, people must be there before a kill (or before a very hard step preceding a kill, if any) and be an active part of this kill to be allowed to roll on the loot from this kill.

7) Joining raids on time
Joining a raid once the raid is started must be avoided as much as possible.

8) Level locks and restrictions for rolls
You (or the alt you roll for) needs to be:
- 210 or above to roll on BoC
- 201 and above to roll on Beast weapons
- 200 and above for TNH belt
- 205 and above to roll on s28 belt item
unless of course if no one at these levels is actually rolling.
There is no restrictions for symbiants and other loot; need before greed though please.

9) Raid leader's specific rights
The raid leader can always change a guideline or rule if necessary for the global good of the raid, or take a specific decision, but if nothing is said, the guidelines, rules, and recommendations above apply by default.
The decisions of the raid leader can be discussed after the raid on forums and/or in Council meetings.
Navian, President of aTrox Caelestis

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