html refrence for scripting in ao

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html refrence for scripting in ao

Postby navian » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:09 pm

    centers the enclosed text
    emboldens enclosed text
    puts the text in italics
    underlines enclosed text
    creates a line break
    draws a horizontal rule line
<a href="text://
    begins the chat "bubble" or popup window
">name here</a>
    closes the "bubble"/popup windo with name here as the link to open it
<a href='chatcmd://<ingame command>
    begining of adding a ingame command to the bubble
'>name here</a>
    closes command with name here as the link to click on to execute the command
    specifies to show text in yellow
    specifies to show text in yellow
[url2=]More color code examples[/url2]

Miscellaneous commands
/assist (target)
    You select your target's fighting target.

    Will translate into the name of your selection.

    Will translate into the name of your fighting target.

    Will translate into the name of your character.

    Tells you for how long you have played this character. Also gives you the local time, both in-game and real-time.

    Self-termination causing death, and loss of all unsaved XP.

    Log out of the game while sitting down.

    Exit the game immediately. WARNING! Your character will remain in-game for a short period of time. Same as pressing ALT + F4 twice within three seconds.

    Will bring up the next tip.

/Macro <name> <text>
    In order to create a macro, you type: /macro <name> <text>. A macro can include emotes, social moves, and simple text. You must place the macro icon on your action bar (shortcut bar).

/tell <name> <text>
    Send a private message to <name>

/reply <text>
/r <text>
SHIFT + R <text>
    Send a private reply to the last person who messaged you.

    All incoming private messages are automatically replied to, informing the senders you are AFK (Away From Keyboard).

/me <text>
    Describes your action (i.e. /me smiles will display in the chat as <name of your character> smiles).

/say <text>
    Displays text in the Vicinity channel.

/shout <text>
/s <text>
    Shout a message in the Vicinity channel.

/whisper <text>
/w <text>
    Whisper a message in the Vicinity channel.

/ignore <name>
    Ignores all essages from <name> until retyping /ignore <name>.
    Can be your best friend.

/group <group_name> <text>
/g <group_name> <text>
    Displays text in <group_name> channel.

/ch <channel name>
    Switches channels you are currently talking in.

/invite <name>
    Invites a player into your private chat group.

/kick <name>
    Kicks a player from your private chat group.

/cc addbuddy <name>
    Add someone to your friends list.

/cc rembuddy <name>
    Remove someone from your friends list.

/cc rembuddy ?
    Clears your recent messsages

/script <file>
    You can run a script file that is located in your anarchy\scripts\ folder. Or simply type /<file>. A script is a text file that can contain text, emotes, social moves and more. The whole content of a file will be sent into the game chat as if you typed it.

/delay <msec>
    As the script is entered very rapidly into the chat, you can slow this down with /delay <milliseconds>. For example, /delay 3000 will delay the next line in the script for 3 seconds.

/team loot <order> <text>
    When in a team, the leader can set the looting order.
    Possible order types include:
  • Leader - Only the leader is allowed to loot the remains of monsters.
  • All - Anyone in the team is allowed to loot the remains (this is the default setting).
  • Alpha - The order of looting is alphabetical, and repeats.

Pet commands
/pet follow
    Your pet will follow you.

/pet behind
    Your pet will remain behind you.

/pet wait
    Your pet will remain still.

/pet guard
    Your pet will guard you.

/pet attack (target)
    Pet attacks selected target.

/pet hunt
    Pet hunts on its own.

/pet terminate
    Pet kills itself.

/pet report
    Pet reports its current health and time left (if applicable).

/pet social/chat "<text>"
    Pet says what you type.

/pet heal (target)
    Pet heals selected target (if applicable).

/pet rename <name>
    Renames your pet.

NOTE: As a Meta-Physicist, you can control multiple pets. To choose a specific pet, type /pet <name> <command>

    Enables direct people to a website from within the game

ao-universe script editor handy for beginners
Textpad -my weapon of choice

Scripts - Anarchy Online Knowledge Base
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