SL rings, the buffing kind [SL]

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SL rings, the buffing kind [SL]

Postby navian » Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:57 pm

This isn't a totally new process, since the building steps are exactly the same as making Rubi-Ka jewels.
BUT all the precious stones found on Shadowlands mobs give interesting buffs, once they are cut and set on filigree rings ! Which wasn't the case for Rubi-Ka gems
Once done, these jewels have NO requirements ! A very interesting feature for lowbies in need of some stats points they can't get in.

Buffs List:
Here is the list of the buffs given by each stone, once set on a ring :

AlmandineImageStrength & Agility

Amber Image Melee init & Psychic Init & Ranged Init

AquamarineImage SensoryImp. & Psycho Mod & MaxHealth
Balas RubyImage   AddAllOff
Black Opal Image AddAllDef
Chrysoberyl Image Max Health & Heal Delta

Coral Image Nano Delta & Heal Delta & Max health
Demantoid Image MeleeDamageMod & ProjectileDamageM & EnergyDamageMod
DiamondImage SpaceTime & PshychoMod

Emerald Image BiologicalMet. & SensoryImprov.
Fire Opal Image FireAc & MaxHealth
Jet Image MaterialMet. & NanoC.Init
Pearl Image ChemicalAC & ColdDamageMod.

Red Beryl Image Stamina & Intelligence
Ruby Pearl Image Sense & Intelligence
Sapphire Image MaterialMet. & BiologicalMet & MaxNcu
Star Ruby Image MaterialCreation & SpaceTime & MaxNanoEnergy

Topaz Image EnergyAC & ProjectileAC
Water Opal Image NanoDelta & MaxNanoEnergy
White Opal Image ColdAC & PoisonAC
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