Ice Golem Quest

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Ice Golem Quest

Postby navian » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:56 pm

1. First off head to the Adonis Catacombs and with a raid team farm some Yomi Grimoir pages off of the Yomi Grimoir and the other boss mobs in that dungeon.

2. Once you have a page give it to the Sipius in the Penumbra Redeemed temple (he's on the top floor ) he will give you the Book of insignificant rituals

3. Give the book of insignifcant rituals to the Eeclesiast, and he will spawn Cama. Note that Cama spawns in the 75% room, so be carefull if there are Omni's around. Redeemed Cama gives awesome faction for the Omni's and they won't think twice about killing it.

4. Talk to the Cama, she then gives you the Sealed Instructions to the Acolyte Cama Hume.

5. Head back to the "Unredemed" temple, kill the prophet, collect the sacred blueprint of vanya.

6. Shortly the Acolyte will spawn, calm him if he's aggro. Give him the sacred blueprint of vanya and sealed instructions to acolyte cama hume.

7. He now spawns the unredeemed vanya, instead of spawning Omega Carlos Truhillo

8. Kill the Unredeemed Vanya, he has quite abit of hp and hits for around 3k'ish, UBT from a doc' and other init. debuffs help alot. Loot Vanya's beating heart, you now have 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the quest before you have to do it all over

9. Go to the ecclesiast again, tell him you need to see cama because you have something to give her, show him the heart. He now spawns cama in the 75% room.

10. Talk to the Cama, give her the heart, and she gives you the blueprint of for the Ice Golem.

11. The Golem can now be spawned at the Incarnator. When you kill him, he will drop 6 molars. This is enough to get 6 people their +7 Inferno Rings.

Alternative way to get the beating heart of vanya:
1. Collect 6 Insignia of vanya's by killing "swift silver tail marked by vanya". These are located NE of the yutto's camp.
2. Go to the unredemed temple, second room on the right and kill the profit.
3. When the acolyte spawns as described above, give him the 6 insignia's.
4. Omega Carlos Truhillo will spawn, kill him.
5. Unredemed Vanya will spawn, kill him, collect the beating heart.
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