Inferno garden key quest (you can get it in Penumbra)

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Inferno garden key quest (you can get it in Penumbra)

Postby navian » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:34 pm

The EASY way to get the Inferno Garden Key Quest:

Go to the Redeemed temple in Penumbra. (top of spiral stairs, he is in the room to the South East)

Talk to Sipius Gal Wei-Zean

Sipius Gal Wei-Zean:
Welcome Toon.
Toon: Are you in need of my assistance?
Sipius Gal Wei-Zean: Hmm, I might be. It depends on your inner self.
A true divine creature with a strong spirit is what I need.
Do you concider yourself such a being?
Toon: Yes, I believe I am
Sipius Gal Wei-Zean: Very well, that remains to be seen.
I have a test for you Toon.
This is your chance to show acceptance to the way of the Redeemed, to humble yourself and repeatedly slay the defilers of this land.

Its easy to get to the temple (Yutto stone and head north)
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