Navian's guide to Inferno Boots

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Navian's guide to Inferno Boots

Postby navian » Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:41 pm

First go through Pen garden and through the ravine stone, head backwards into adonis and over to the named Slithers
There are 4-5 named slithers there wich all have a chance of dropping the Superior Quality Molock Muktuk Image

Now we head back into Penumbra, once there we head from the Ravine statue and towards the 215 incarnator, just before the incarnator we reach a static dungeon, there we will blitz to the boss room and kill Rancid in order to get Amulet of Algid Amber Image
"The dragon known as Rancid. Some professions can solo this dragon around lvl 210, but a team is recommended to speed it up. Like most dragons, this one is nasty with a lot of hitpoints, and stuns. 3-4 people 200+ should have little trouble as long as there is healing and tanking. The amulet doesn't always drop, but these dungeons are quite easy to reset by logging off for 20+ minutes if there's nobody else inside. Disappointingly low droprate, about 10%. "

His spawn timer is 8 minutes assuming the dungeon is empty (as in all left or logged out) I always log out for 9 minutes inside the boss room

Once we have the amulet we leave the dungeon and head for the portal from penumbra into inferno.

There we kill a fire flea to spawn a fiery imp, in order to get Clot of Blood From a Fiery Imp Image
The 'Clot of Blood From a Fiery Imp' drops from Fiery Imps just inside Inferno, which you need to spawn by killing a placeholder fire flea which live in abundence near the portal. The best way to obtain some imp blood is to have somebody who already has the boots spawn and kill the imps for you, and let you borrow his boots to enter Inferno and loot the blood from the imp's corpse. Droprate on blood is about 50%.

Once we have that then we combine it with the tube we got from Milner and we should have then Tube of Blood from a Fiery Imp Image

At this point we should have all the parts needed to get our boots.
Tube of Blood from a Fiery Imp Image
Superior Quality Molock Muktuk Image
Illegible scribbles in some strange language Image (you will never have to get this part again)
Amulet of Algid Amber Image

Basically, you need to give your boot components to 'Nhohor the Techno Shaman', an NPC that can be spawned on Rubi-Ka (EFP, 490 x 3800) by completing a rather hard and elaborate spawning process. The placeholder mob for Nhohor is a huge dragon called Tchu, and it takes many teams to kill this bugger. When Tchu dies, Nhohor will appear and despawn again after 30 minutes, so there should be plenty of time for a great deal of people to get their boots made. Incidentally, Nhohor also is the NPC that can make the Hold Hell at Bay Ring to protect you from the 6k DoT in Pandemonium.

Now head to Milliner in adonis

"Open chat with The Milliner, and show him your specs again. Say "I have the Amber, Blood and the Muktuk!" and he will open trade with you so you can show him the items. After doing this, he will embark on a long, but interesting story, about the maker of the boots (Nhohor the Techno Shaman). At the end you must say "That was an interesting story!", and you will recieve the 'Illegible scribbles in some strange language' that you can take to Nhohor to make her create your boots."
and a Empty Blood Sampling Tube Image
"You need a container for the blood to carry it in, this is where the 'Empty Blood Sampling Tube' comes to use. Go and talk to The Milliner, who is a Yutto and lives with his comrades in Adonis City, SW area (1242, 476). Open chat with him and simply show him your 'Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses' to get him talking about protective garments, say 'I need to enter a place called Burning Marshes...' etc. The Milliner will tell you all about the items you need, but most importantly, he will hand you the 'Empty Blood Sampling Tube' at the end of this dialogue. "

Now you have the parts needed for inferno boots, all you lack is a Tchu spawn
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Re: Navian's guide to Inferno Boots

Postby Snakebite » Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:01 am

So what's the deal with the Illegible scribbles in some strange language?
Has it been taken out of the quest or something?

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Re: Navian's guide to Inferno Boots

Postby navian » Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:00 am

they are returned to you when you hand in the parts to Nohor the technoshaman, wich is why you only need to get them the first time.
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Re: Navian's guide to Inferno Boots

Postby Micaiahu » Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:52 pm

wow... nice.. like this..

very good job Nav... very handy for others also... i think every oneshould BM these..

ty... for the handy helpers


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