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Postby Gnoodle » Tue Nov 11, 2003 7:41 pm

I have started to view this profession in a new light. So with a new viewing, comes new 'tips and tricks' so to say. I will try not to do what I do day to day, complain about why my class is so bad. The truth is, it has little to do with the class at the end of the day, and more with my character building skills. Anyway, lets get this underway shall we?

Perks and you:
First lets take a trip on over to Anarchy Mainframe more specifically the perk configuration tool. Now, without turning this into a 'how to operate this tool' guide: you select your profession, and level to simulate what you can and cannot train perk wise. Now, lets break it down some:

Blunt Mastery - So, you like to bash things? Well then this perk might be for you. As a Meta-Physicist, you can only train this perk to level 4. This gives you a total of 13 points to 1 Handed Blunt, and requires you to be level 80 or higher. In addition to this seemingly small bonus is a perk attack called Quick Bash. What this is, is a debuff performed on a hostile target, draining 43 points of health, and 81 points of Melee Ac. Oh, and you also have to be wielding a 1hb weapon, but i'm sure that came with little suprise. All in all, a well enough point sink if you need it...

Channel Rage - Now, the end results of this perk are quite amazing. 85 points to both Matter Creation and Time & Space, 210 points to Max Health, but what really seems to shine here is the 195 boost to Nano Resist and 100 to Add All Def. Along with this end boost you gain a perk special called, quite obviously Channel Rage. What this does is give your attack pet a jolt leaving it with +300 points of damage and +30 to Add All Off. This boost lasts 60 seconds and has a down time of 3 Minutes. Now this sounds nice and all, but the requirements are that you be level 208, and you have dropped 10 perk points into this line. So if your in need of 300 more points of damage when hunting those pesky hecklers for 7 sk per kill, this is the perk for you!

Nano Doctorate -In need of a boost to your nano skills? This is the perk for you! With the high end adding 100 points to each and every nano skill, to the first step in the line adding 5. 100 points to nano skills sure sounds great, but you should be ready to slap on your level buff and get to 216 for that total boost. The way it stands right now, you get 35 points, at level 200, to each skill. No special attacks. A nice way to spend 5 perk points if your just looking for a broad boost, with no added fluff.

Notum Source - This perk, again at the end game, has alot to offer. You get 1000 more nano points at your command. "Essentially" you get a personal HE, meaning the boost to Nano Heal Delta (86 points). The +15 to both int and psy, can be handy when sneaking into that Jobe Armor. But what seems to be the bulk of this perk is it's specials. With the "Stop Notum Flow" and the "Notum Overflow" both running, your target shouldnt be resisting much of anything. Also with this perk you get a Team Nanopoint Heal, and quite the opposite a Hostile Target Nanopoint drain. This perk seems to have been made with PvP in mind.(specs and such taken from the 10'th level perk, with a 210 level requirement)

Pistol Mastery -Those looking for a boost to pistol, here's half a perk made just for...someone else, but you get to mooch in too. So check this out, you get 56 points to pistol, 6 points to fling shot AND 16 points in damage! Somebody stop the pistol users! Along with this you get 2 special attacks, count em 2. So, if your a 120 or higher Meta, with 5 perk points and a craving for some bigger six shooters, saddle up and head out to pick up this perk.

Soothing Spirits -And the crowd goes wild! This is by far the coolest, and most appreciated of the MP perks. Looking at the config you only get to see the newly added ablities, and the boosts to Max Health and Max Nano. But where this perks magic really lies is in your heal pet. Your little Meatball, gets more healing power every other level trained. 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. A thread on the subject can be found here. Another thing to look forward too is that the perk ends early, the last level required is 203, so you dont have to wait until 220 to see the full power of your investment.

Starfall - I think the beauty of this one is in the special attacks, as the boosts are minimal. 15 points to each nano skill, 160 to health, but a nice 400 to Nano Pool. The special attacks are like a ladder as they require one to be running for the next to go. They all seem to debuff radiation AC and then do damage. I had this perk trained for a while, it didnt seem to do me much good. Often the attacks got countered, and the boosts were small for my level of perk.

Theoretical Research - This is another fine perk in my opinion. It has some nice specials, such as a nano damage enhancer, a nuke, and even a root! This also throws in some more nano, 1100 points to be exact. But the reason you probably trained this perk is for the 200 point to Nano Programming. Implants will no longer cause you any trouble.

So thats pretty much it for the profession specific and the shared perks. Im not going to go and explain all the general ones, as that would take a long time. So, hope thats a fine enough update, and helps anyone reading this get a better understanding.

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