SoldierGuide - Workin progress

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SoldierGuide - Workin progress

Postby Fxrluv » Mon Aug 07, 2006 12:40 am

Ok due to the lack of a decent soldier guide in any searched i have found im gonna attempt to put together one(my first attempt,from the perspective of a 168 soldier)

(with all the advancements in perks and ability buffing items the major differences will be seen only in end game soldiers in regards to breed selection)

Nanomage - Can cast nanos sooner, less HP(in pvp it helpful to have less HP to heal per perk/stim), strength stamina are greatly reduced end game( a staple for soldiers)(maybe easier to get into

Atrox - Nanos take longer to be able to cast, More HP, hit the 2 sec heal much faster than any other breed, End game HP and AR will be higher than any other profession(due to trickle down) will be much easier to get into Combined Commando armorsImage and Bellum armorsImage at any given point. Mongo rage perkline and Blockers for Shadowbreed.

Solitus - Can cast nanos sooner than Atrox and will have more endgame treatment for symbs. Shadow breed will do an area clan heal for 15k.(nice for pvp as well) Will make a very well rounded Soldier. Will end up with less endgame AR than Atrox with similar symbs/perks trained.

Opifex - another well rounded choice for low to midlevel soldiers, end game gets tough with the stamina reqs for bellum armors and lower AR than trox and less HP, more evades than any other breed, easier to get into Combined sharpshooters armorsImage

(above are just a sampling of differences will be refined as comments are made etc...(as i am basing this on a soldier i am currently raising)

Weapons: (based on shadowlands experience/and AI)

ImageMortiig blasters - a very solid choice for lvls 40-100
ImagePerennium Blasters - an excellent choice for lvls 15-205
ImageBlackbirds - for those who chose the SMG route but limited to lvls 40-100 at best
ImagePlasma projectors for the not so well off soldiers a solid cheap alternative

Armors - (will base this off strength stamina agility sense armors as AC's for Soldiers are important)(and based on clan as i have never played omni)

Image Omni-med suit - adds 78 to treatment and first aid, i recommend this from lvl 1-24 or your first twink stopping point as ac's dont mean much at these levels
ImageStorm carbonum - Agility and stamina based can get in ql's as low as 1-200 will nice additional buffs recommended till you can get first tier soldier
ImageFirst tier soldier armor - I highly recommend gloves doing first and foremost as they add full auto
ImagePredator armor - sense based easier for the opi/soli soldier and adds to evades and other stats
ImageBellum - stamina based lvl 160+ for those serious atrox twinkters and post 200 for most- very popular armor with nice ac's
ImageCombined comando - hmmm do i need to say it?
ImageSupple armor - agility based again do i need to say it?
ImagePernicious Armors - awesome buffing items can be as low as lvl 1-300 stregth and agility based
ImageKaehler Uniform Sleeves - +36 assault rifle and full auto can get on at 100 with alot of twinking and 120 ish fairly easy a must have for getting your best Weapon equiped

and ofc the faithful/chosen and tier 2 armors after tier 1 armor.

Back Items:

ImageExarch Robe for levles 21-80ish if you cant get gta
Image Guardian tank armor works well for lvls 25-80 or if your patient until 100 when you can get pickle pack on
Image Ancient container(pickle pack) for TL4 and up with nice mods
ImageOvertuned Heavy tank armor comes in ql 1-200 and is a decent choice nice a/c's and only sacrifice nano init
Image Another good choice in QL 1-200 with nice a/c and decent mods
Image Second Tier Soldier Jobe Cuirass starting at ql 160 and lvling up to 220 with very nice a/c's and if you make it into t3 adds to burst(one of the few professions that actually get a decent back peice for T2
ImageImageImage Notum tanks armors decent ac's and nice mods (overrated imo)
ImageFaithful Soldier Cuirass
begining at 220 has better a/c's by far than HNTA and is leveling armor not to mention much cheaper
ImageConscientious Knight's Armor Cloak - drops from Mord raids and nice for tl5 till you can get t2/t3 or Bellum coak on
Image Bellum Badonis Coat - can you say UBER a/c's and decent mods
Image Spirit shroud that can be changed to different classes/mods Controll/artillery being preferred by a few soldiers i have talked 2.

to be continued when i have more time
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Postby Tenry » Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:49 am

Ummmmmm yeah...what he said. sometimes i feel like such an Noob compared to some of you.
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Postby Fxrluv » Mon Aug 28, 2006 1:11 am

k updated with some pictures, gonna work on it more when i have more time
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Re: SoldierGuide - Workin progress

Postby Frooby » Mon Aug 28, 2006 10:38 am

Mpluv wrote:ImageBlackbirds - for those who chose the SMG route but limited to lvls 40-100 at best

Blackbird on at lvl 40 :?: :?
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Postby Smelly » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:47 pm

Great guide, Luv and it is sooooooo needed on the soldier forums.

I'm not really sure what the appeal is with bellum on a soldier, compared with the others. ACs seem to be messed up in this game most of the time anyway (5000 extra AC from an engie and I should be invulnerable, right? Wrong!) and 725 HP is barely gonna keep you alive for 1 more hit in endgame pvp or pfm. I guess bellum is a low cost place holder until you get your CM or CSS. In that regard, MTNA and HTNA deserve a mention. I don't have a shroud yet, but those seem very popular and probably deserve a mention, but I know very little about them.

Nano skills are my biggest headache here at 215, and I was wondering if people (MUNSTA!) thought a soli would have an easier time of it. TMS/AMS is the one piece of ACs that actually "works as intended" ;) + your damage amps + your reflects. I can't stress how vital these nanos are to your ability to function, especially when it comes to soloing. At the moment I only need a CI to keep up. I just can't imagine how a trox survives with their nanoskill handicap (CM please!).
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Pistol Soldier?

Postby Paragoric » Tue Aug 29, 2006 2:00 pm

Im no soldier expert, but how about pistol sols? Ive seen a lot of endgame soldiers go that route. When grafter was still ingame we teamed once on our sols to go hecking. I had a 110 sol with a 160ish blaster, and he was a little lower lvl but using a jobe/kyr pistol combo, and he was pulling agg from me almost every time.
From a strictly PVM p.o.v. are pistols a decent way to go under lvl 200?
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Postby Munsta » Tue Aug 29, 2006 5:36 pm

The major problem with pistols are as follows;

1) They suck in pvp
2) three skills required as opposed to 1 (pistol, multi ranged and RE/SMG)

But the advantages are pretty sweet..

1) faster recharge on full auto due to the cap
2) Low MBS so you don't need to plough too much IP into it
3) You set up for RE and radiation damage if you go the KEP type 5 route which is ideal for the KEC type 3.
4) dual attack means you're not always waiting for the reload before the next barrage of specials.

Regarding the armour, the top choices are generally the full damage CC route or the evades CSS route, both have advantages which fall to personal preference and carry upsides as well as downsides.

Bellum is not a bad choice at all, and can make a severe difference to HP which carries advantages, especially against some of the harder hitting mobs with huge ARs, whats the point in evades armour if it's going to beat you senseless through those evades anyway?

As for the shroud, crit decrease can be a godsend. :)

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Postby Fxrluv » Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:01 pm

updated a bit, I could use help from you soldier out ther who have lived this stuff much more than i have, maybe write a section and ill put it in the guide and when we are done i can ship it over to the soldier forums in Anarchy forums with credit to all OFC!!

Muns can you write a bit about the RE setup/pvp a bit for me?
Smells can you write some about the nano's?

If not, I am very good at making stuff up(right or wrong, lol)
And anyone else who may want to have some input (soldiers standpoint plz)
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Postby Fxrluv » Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:53 pm

Bump, any contributions will be helpful....but leave your secrets to the private section
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Postby Arrien » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:12 pm

Could the experienced soldiers among us comment on perks? I have a friend (level 200 froob - go kuzu) just buy the expansions, but he has no idea where to put his perks, and I wasn't really able to give a good explanation of where they should go.
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